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Be aware of pool chemical dangers

Lee Mullin Lee Mullin

Swimming season is almost here, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning pool owners to be careful when handling chemicals they use to maintain their pools.

Nearly 5,000 people were treated at hospital emergency rooms in 2012 because of injuries from pool chemicals.  

Many of those injured are children or teenagers and more than one third of the mishaps happen at home.   

Typical swimming pool chemicals, like the chlorine tablets or powder, if mixed together with acid can actually explode or emit toxic gas.   

The CDC recommends that everyone knows what they are doing before handling pool chemicals.  

"I would ask a pool professional just to get his recommendation.  Either over the phone, to read the label to him, or bring it in and have him look at the label," said Lee Mullins of Mullins Pool.    

The CDC recommends that children be kept away from pool chemicals, wear safety equipment like goggles and masks when adding chemicals, and always add pool chemicals to the water, never put water in the pool chemicals.


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