Buy a pig, support kids

Child Advocacy Executive Dir. Carol Williford
Child Advocacy Executive Dir. Carol Williford

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - Organizers of the "When Pigs Fly" event have been busy getting ready for the big day on Saturday.   It's the first event of its kind.

You can buy one of the numbered, foam pigs for $10 at businesses and agencies throughout the county.

The pigs will be dropped from an airplane over Jardine Stadium around 6:00 Saturday night. If your pig lands on a target, you get a prize.   All the proceeds go to the child advocacy center.

"We see hundreds of children every year," said Child Advocacy Executive Dir. Carol Williford.  "The cases that we see are usually cases that may have some criminal charges that go along with them."

The event kicks off with a 5-K run Saturday morning and there will be live music, entertainment and games throughout the day.

Organizers hope to make this an annual event.

The little pigs will be sold at the Stadium on Saturday until 4 o'clock.

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