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Police warn against leaving children in hot cars


As the weather heats up, Police have a safety reminder. They want to make sure parents don't leave kids in hot cars.

Tarnisha Dawson says leaving her four-year-old son Demetruis inside a hot car isn't an option.

"Pretty much I'm scared, because I don't want to go in the store and come back [to find] he's hurt," said Dawson.

As a mother of three, Allison Schneider says the thought of leaving her little ones in her van for a minute can be tempting when she's in a rush, but she knows better.

"Well, if you hear my little one, it's crazy taking all three of them inside the store, but I wouldn't do anything to put them in jeopardy," said Schneider.

Children can suffer heat stroke or exhaustion quickly in a hot car.

"Even when you think it's just a second taking them inside the store, it can get hot really fast," said Schneider. "We just had [some] produce we picked up and just being in the car for 20 minutes, it was already hot."

There is no safe way to leave children unattended.

"The humidity is a big factor, but even if you leave the windows cracked, there's no airflow going through there at the time," said Schneider.

Police can also arrest and charge parents who leave children unattended.

"If we consider it endangering a person, we can charge someone with that especially if it can result in a death. That's a homicide," said Sgt. Jackson with Dougherty County Police.

Setting reminders can help parents keep from forgetting a child.

"If you're getting ready to get out of the vehicle, look in the rear view mirror. You'll see them there, and you'll be less likely to forget," said Sgt Jackson.

Schneider says it's worth taking the extra time to get her children out of the car everywhere she goes.

Police say you can also set the alarm on your cell phone to remind you take children out of the car.

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