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How to snake-proof your home

Reptile house in Chehaw Reptile house in Chehaw
Ben Kirkland Ben Kirkland

Snake experts say you could be providing a home for these critters without even knowing it. But by adjusting a few things around your yard you can decrease your chances of running into creepy crawly problem.

Chehaw Natural Resources Manager, Ben Kirkland, tells us there are 5 major things that we have to consider that draws in snakes, habitat, food, water, shelter and space. For example, if you are having construction done around the home where bricks, blocks or other piles of material are sitting, chances are those are the types of things rodents will hide in, and that's where the snakes join.

Experts say try cleaning around the outside of your house, trim bushes so they are off the ground and keep your grass cut short. Tall grass is easy camouflage for snakes to creep up. Also, seal any cracks in your foundation, that's one way these guys can get into your home.

Kirkland says that fortunately in southwest Georgia the vast majority of snakes are not venomous, such as gray rat snakes, one of the most common found in our area. He feels regardless of what type of snake you stumble upon, leave it alone, especially if it doesn't pose a threat.

Another thing you want to remember is that in the state of Georgia many of these snakes are protected, so you do want to be careful. Learn to ID the different types of snakes so you are better equipped when approached. If by chance you are bitten by a venomous snake, don't try to handle it yourself, see a doctor immediately.


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