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Making a difference: Albany Network of Trust

Breanna Waters Breanna Waters

Breanna Waters recently completed her course work for a masters in Secondary Education with a concentration in Psychology. And she did it while raising 2 daughters.

She says without Albany's Network of Trust, her story could have had a very different outcome.

"I was 16 in high school and pregnant," recalled Breanna. "I made poor decisions in life and paid the consequences. Once you become a teen mother, the selfish needs of a teen have to disappear."

One of the main reason teen girls drop out of school is pregnancy, but Albany's Network of Trust is helping to address the issues that teen girls face.

Breanna dropped out of school and was kicked out of her home. All her dreams had changed.

"Network of Trust, actually through some peers that were also pregnant, pulled me into the program and started guiding me into the process of graduating high school, giving me educational skills as well as parenting skills," said Breanna.

Network of trust was developed to meet pregnant teens where they are and encourage them to reach their goals.

"Graduating from high school is the first hurdle, but continuing their education, their career goals, [and] being able to support and nurture their family is very vital," said Hope Harrelson with Network of Trust.

She says teens who drop out are more likely to get pregnant and live in poverty. But the program's success stories show it's making a difference.

"We have education classes just for prenatal for parenting, but we also have classes [where] we set career goals, education goals, and try to help the girls create a plan to reach those goals," said Harrelson.

Breanna hopes to make a difference in the lives of other teens and to be a role model for her soon-to-be teenage daughter.

"It's a whole other level of anxiety," she said. "I'm afraid for her safety. I'm afraid for peer pressures. I know how hard they are."

Breanna says she talks to her daughters about going away to college and experiencing all they can before settling down and raising a family.

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