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Who's the toilet paper thief?

Tommy Rogers Tommy Rogers
Eric Hampton Eric Hampton

Thomasville police hope a man will stop targeting one business, now that they are onto him.      The thief appears to be only after the necessities.      

The unidentified man is seen wandering the halls of the business exchange in Thomasville, which wouldn't be a problem, if the business weren't closed at the time.  

"They have it on video that this person has gone in and out of this business on several occasions, and they never reported it but this time they did," said TPD Lt. Eric Hampton.  

Last week, this man brought huge bags in to the business and walked out with them stuffed with thirty rolls of toilet paper, soap, and food. Since those were the only items he took, investigators think he might be homeless, but other business owners say that doesn't make the crime okay.  

"It's a big deal because it's stealing, it's taking something that doesn't belong to you, you didn't ask, someone else paid for it, regardless if it's a dollar or thirty dollars, you don't take from someone that had to buy it," said business owner Tommy Rogers.

Rogers says there is no point in resorting to crime, if the man needs those things, he should ask for help.   "I just wish that people would understand that sometimes you can just ask and people will help." 

Police say whether the man was in need of the items or simply looking to stock up on toiletries it's still a crime.   "It doesn't make it right to enter anyone's property, to steal anything whether you are homeless or not, it's still burglary, it's still a theft, so it's still a crime" said Hampton.

Police are investigating in hopes that the toiletry thief will stop now that the whistle has been blown on his scheme.


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