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S. GA billboards help search for Shirley Dermond

Terry Harkins of Fairway Terry Harkins of Fairway

Fairway Outdoor Advertising is using some of its billboards to help with the search for Shirley Dermond. Last Tuesday, an elderly man was found dead in his Lake Oconee home with his head cut off and his wife missing.    

Fairway Outdoor Advertising has two large electronic billboards in Valdosta.  Both of them and four in the Albany area are now running an alert from the FBI encouraging people to look out for 87 year-old Shirley Dermond.  

As the alert says, the FBI believes she is in danger. That's why they requested the help of billboard companies across the state.  

"We're doin' this in conjunction with the FBI, and I think there's hundreds of digitals throughout the area by different companies, but Fairway is certainly participating at the level that we can," said Terry Harkins of Fairway.    

Harkins just put up the alerts yesterday. He says he was more than willing to help when he received the request.  

"'Our reaction is always one of 'we want to assist.' We not only help the FBI, we're also involved in Amber Alerts as well," said  Harkins.  

And while the alerts on the billboards may seem like a long shot, Harkins says a similar effort in the past helped solve a case.  He hopes that will happen this time, too.   "I think it will in that it lets everybody know, of course, of her face, what she looks like. It puts people on alert."  

Investigators also have not been able to find Russell Dermond's severed head. Harkins says he plans to leave the alerts up until Shirley Dermond is found and the case is solved.



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