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Lee Co. to host hearing on new highway project

Forrester Parkway near Publix Forrester Parkway near Publix
Lee County Manager, Ron Rabun Lee County Manager, Ron Rabun
Leesburg resident, John Brown Leesburg resident, John Brown

If the county moves forward with the project it is meant to extend the area from Oakland Library to the end of Glendale road near Publix. It would connect the west and eastern parts of the county to allow traffic to flow between US 19 and 82.

Lee County Manager, Ron Rabun, says people who live in the Glendale area are concerned about their property and the amount of traffic they could face. However, he says others are in full support, that's why a public hearing will be held to talk about concerns of residents.

Rabun says right now the way the area is set up makes it difficult for people to travel easily through the east and west points which makes it a safety concern.

"There is a lot of change being made but this particular change will probably help out in the future along with the congestion," Leesburg resident, John Brown said. "But I understand that residents that live in that area might have a problem with it but that's why we need to come out and look at exactly what's going to happen."

Rabun  feels economically people are cut off from reaching Albany. He believes that people recognize the issue so now they have to talk about a solution.

The public hearing starts at 6pm at the T. Page Tharp Building in downtown Leesburg.




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