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Peanut Farmers try to play catch up

Armond Morris, Georgia Peanut Farmer Armond Morris, Georgia Peanut Farmer

"We are very behind as far as peanut planting goes," said Armond Morris, Georgia Peanut Farmer.

Armond Morris has his crew working long hours and even into the night as they try to make up for lost time because of wet weather this spring, farmers were unable to get their peanut seeds in the ground early.

"This year there were very few planted early because it was cool and wet and it wasn't really a good situation," said Morris.

Morris said the biggest challenge they are facing this season is that they didn't have time to prepare their fields, like they normally do. Instead, they are doing everything they can to get the crop in the ground while the conditions are right.

"We are running long hours and every farmer is doing that long hours to get the fields prepared even running at night, so you know, sixteen to fourteen to sixteen hour days that's long days, tiring on a farmer," said Armond Morris.

The peanut crop isn't full of strong branches and sturdy roots, but Morris is confident that both the farmers and crops will be able to weather the storm no matter what.

"Even if we have catastrophic wet weather then, hey, we still make a good peanut crop. Then if it's dry and we can irrigate, we can still make a pretty good yield per acre. So, it responds very well even in difficult weather conditions," said Morris.

Every year farmers have different weather conditions and challenges they have to face, but they always find a way to come out on top.


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