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Pedestrians urged to use caution while walking


If you're out and about on foot, police want you to make sure you stay on the sidewalk, and when crossing the street, always use the crosswalk.

"Once your partly in that crosswalk all vehicles must stop in either lane, now the only exception to that is, if you're at a crosswalk and you fail to cross at a crosswalk, then that's jay walking, plus your not covered by the state law anymore," says Captain Tom Jackson, with the Dougherty County Police.

If you're crossing at a major intersection or walking where there are no sidewalks, police say it's important to walk near the far edge of the roadway, and always wear visible clothing.

"Anytime you wear dark clothing at night it makes it harder for vehicles to see you and if you walk on or near the roadway that's a element of disaster that your gonna get hit by a vehicle. We always recommend that you stay on the sidewalk off the roadway," says Jackson.

Police say pedestrians should also keep in mind that these days drivers are already distracted with technology.

"Ipods, cell phones, texting, looking at their GPS, so again you have taken their eyes off the roadway and it doesn't take for a second for them not to see something," he says.

And anytime you're in a crosswalk like the one downtown, vehicles are required by state law to stop, but all drivers may not follow that law, so be alert and careful.

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