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Richmond Police searching for owner of python found in Chimborazo


It was a Sunday, it was Mother's Day, and there were reports of a snake loose in Chimborazo Park. A lot of people might have wanted to put a lot of space between themselves and Chimborazo Park upon hearing that news, but not Richmond Police Lt. Daniel Minton.

Minton said he saw a story posted on Church Hill People's News and headed out there himself when a citizen reported that he had found the snake and had called Richmond Animal Control but no one had arrived on the scene yet. Minton, no stranger to snakes, arrived first.

"I used to keep snakes," Minton said. "But I got rid of my collection because I have three kids, and it doesn't fit into the family anymore." At the park, Minton picked up the snake and transported it back home in a pillow case. It's now safely in the care of Richmond Animal Control. Authorities don't have any leads on who the snake's owner is.

The snake was a three-foot ball python, named for its tendency to coil up into a ball when scared. So saying, Minton's Twitter shows the python assuming that pose in every picture he shared with his followers.

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