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Sherwood students show off solar cars


Plenty of sunshine made Monday the perfect day to race solar powered mini cars. Elementary students learn how the power of the sun can turn wheels and also light up the night.  

Elementary students at Sherwood Christian Academy are racing to the future learning about green energy. With

the help of Mitchell EMC groups of three designed and built their own small solar sprint cars.     "We got to name our car and we got to decorated them as a group. We had to agree on what we would like to do and color," said Caroline Dougherty.  

Students have been learning about how different types of green energy impacts the environment.   "Hopefully, it just gives them a look into the future so they can make our world a better place," said Amy Parr, who helps with development.  

Students said the process was interesting but the end result was the best part.  

 "When ever the sun shines on the solar, the solar panel it would make the wheels turn and make the car go," said Beckham Davidson.

"It was cool watching the cars when we tested them how actually the solar power the sun can make the car go," Dougherty said.  

It was hard to tell who was having more fun, the teachers or the students. But the teachers were hoping the hands on experience would leave the kids with a lasting interest in energy, conservation and fossil fuels.  

"The only other fun thing about this is you get to race," said Beckham.  

And race they did. Flames is the car that lived up to its name and passed the finish line first. But all the kids were winners today.


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