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Nunley's sister & fiancee searching for justice at vigil

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Lisa Nunley Lisa Nunley
Trevantae Cobb Trevantae Cobb
Edalynn Parker Edalynn Parker

A vigil was held Friday night at Litman Cathedral just down the street from 23-year-old Jeffrey Nunnery's West Whitney home, where he was shot to death Monday night.

"You took a good-hearted person from everybody not just me," Lisa Nunley, Jeffrey's sister said. "My whole community loved my brother."

Messages of love filled a poster, honoring the man mysteriously gunned down outside his house.  Nunley's sister recalled the last time she saw him.

"I said, 'Pizza's are in the freezer bruh. Alright, I see you when I get home from work,'" Lisa said. "I never seen him when I got home."

Trevantae Cobb, his best friend, is hurt by the loss but knows Nunley's mother is suffering even more.

"No mother should deal with that, especially Mother's Day coming up," Cobb said. "No mother should deal with that, have to deal with the stress of burying her son."

"It's going to be really hard on Mother's Day, its going to be real hard at his funeral," Lisa said. "Our lives are never going to be the same, never."

Nunley's fiancee Edalynn Parker, is left to raise her kids alone.

"I've got two kids that haven't even started school yet that I have to raise by myself so," Parker said. "I've got to explain to my kids why somebody took their daddy in cold murder."

The family isn't ready to tell them the truth.

"We just tell them daddy is at work right now. It's too hard to tell them that they are not going to see them anymore," Lisa did. "It's terrible."

People at Friday's vigil hope it will discourage violence and lead to an arrest.

"That could be anybody walking down the street and getting shot," Cobb said. "For nothing, for nothing."

On Friday, Al Rogers, the owner of Air Quality Services where Nunley worked doubled his reward in the case to $2 thousand.

Rogers says that if anybody who has details feels uncomfortable going to the police, they can come to him in confidence and he will relay the information to the authorities without identifying the source.



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