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Man and wife go on trip, home gets burglarized, twice


A Mitchell County man says he won't go anywhere for an extended amount of time after thieves ransacked his home twice.

They got away with thousands of dollars in items.

"I worked hard to get that stuff for someone to just come and take it away," recalled Shawn Hopkins.

He and his wife went away last Saturday. Two days into a cruise, they received word that their home had been burglarized, making it difficult to enjoy the rest of their trip.

"That's it. I won't be taking anymore trips. I'm scared. That's it, from now on when I go on vacation I will stay home. I want to be here as much as I can."

Crooks broke into his home twice while he was away. They took three televisions, a surround sound system, two gaming systems, a computer, his car rims and a personal ATM mounted on his wall that contained rent money. The thieves also ransacked a bedroom.

"Maybe they've been watching me for a while, maybe they thought I had a lot of money," said Hopkins. "I just don't know, I'm just as poor as the next guy!"

The thieves broke in through the back door both times. After the first break-in, Hopkins had his mother place a television in front of the door in hopes of keeping the crooks out, but the crooks smashed the television when they returned.

"It was like the worst vacation I ever had because this is going to cost me a lot of money."

Police are investigating, and Hopkins is hoping for a silver lining.

"Hopefully I can get some of my stuff, said Hopkins,[and] at least find out who did it and have them prosecuted."

A 51inch, 32inch, and a 24inch television was taken from the home, he's hoping that if his items turn up in a pawn shop, he could possibly get them back. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Camilla police.

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