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Synthetic drugs on the rise

ADDU Investigator George Camp ADDU Investigator George Camp

Drug agents say synthetic drugs continue to be a steady crime problem in South Georgia.   The Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a massive raid in 25 states across the nation Wednesday. 

South Georgia was not involved in this national crackdown, but drug agents say synthetic drugs are definitely here.    

D.E.A. and other law enforcement agencies arrested more than 150 people and seized millions of dollars in cash and assets during yesterday's nationwide crackdown on the growing black market in synthetic drugs. 

More than 200 search warrants were served in 25 states, targeting bath salts, synthetic pot, and the club drug "Molly."

None of those raids were in South Georgia, but Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents say the synthetic drugs have been since 2008.  Most of it they seize is made in Asia and shipped here.    

"The manifest that was on the shipping manifest was China addresses.  I know that in the last couple of years in a lot of these investigations we've had some that was actually from India.  So different countries where there is no controlled substance law, so to speak," ADDU Investigator George Camp said.

This big national crackdown shows the amount of money involved in the illegal synthetic drug industry and how widespread it is.  But South Georgia drug agents say the crackdown will not have a long term affect.

 "Yes, it helps. Every little bit helps. Is that going to make a lot, big difference at one time.  No it's going to be a slow pickoff," Camp said.

South Georgia drug agents say spice, bath salts, and other synthetic drugs are being seen in most drug raids, and that they are dangerous.  Because they are being made in foreign countries, there is no way of knowing what chemical the synthetic drugs contain until they are taken.


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