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Dog owner disgusted by "229 Boys Kennels" dog fighting ring

Nature Malone, Pitbull Owner Nature Malone, Pitbull Owner

Seven south Georgia men remain behind bars after being named in a shocking federal dogfighting indictment Tuesday.

Prosecutors say when the men no longer needed pit bulls to fight, they would kill them by beating them in the head with a hammer. Throwing them repeatedly to the ground or other inhumane methods.

That outrages responsible pit bull owners such as Nature Malone. She knows dog fighters are constantly looking for pit bulls.

"My dog recently had puppies and that was the first thing they wanted to know," Malone said. "The bloodline, how much you want for your puppy and you know, you kind of get real skeptical about that because you feel like they have the intend of getting the dog to fight the dog."

The suspects are accused of producing., promoting and participating in dogfight gambling shows throughout the southeast under the name 229 Boys Kennels, Incorporated.


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