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Police want wall-busting burglars

Enmark Manager Flo Wilson Enmark Manager Flo Wilson
Albany Police Corporal Brian Covington Albany Police Corporal Brian Covington

Albany Police are warning businesses about an uptick in smash and grab burglaries.     

Crooks hit at least seven businesses just Monday and Tuesday.  They hammered holes into walls of several of those businesses.  Albany Police and obviously the business owners and managers involved are very concerned by this wave of smash and grab business burglaries and they are asking the community to help stop them.      

Police spotted the two holes in the wall at the Enmark Store on Clark Avenue about 4:15 Tuesday morning.  Investigators say two crooks used large hammers to pound the two holes, but both times they hit pipes and electrical wiring inside the wall that stopped them.

Enmark Manager Flo Wilson said "No sir, I can't believe they worked that hard, but they did. They did." The crooks never got inside, and left empty handed.

That same night on East Broad Avenue crooks broke through the back wall of the Dixie Food Mart, but police were alerted by someone who heard the hammering.  Someone also broke through the back wall of the Family Dollar store on East Oglethorpe.  Albany Police are investigating, and urging people to help them stop these burglaries, by keeping watch on their neighboring businesses.

Albany Police Corporal Brian Covington said "Since there is an increase in activity, that means we need to be increasing in looking out for another.  So that's what we want to compel the citizens to do." Business owners say they are frustrated by these costly break ins. Even though nothing was stolen,  Dixie Mart owner Henry Patel said it cost $800 to repair the damage. 

Wilson said not only is it costly, but it is a concern for their safety.  "There is a lot of concern in it.  Because we do try our best to take care of our customers and our surrounding.  Our employees, so year it is very scary. Because you don't know who it is."

Albany Police are investigating to see why there seems to be a sudden increase in business burglaries, and urging businesses to safeguard their stores. Make sure their alarms and surveillance systems are updated and working, and lights are bright inside and out. But they say the best safeguard are neighbors to these stores, reporting suspicious persons or activity around them to police.  

The store owners and managers say they do a good job keeping each other informed about these crimes, but they are eager for Police to catch these wall smashing crooks, before they do more damage.



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