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Law-breaking Lowndes deputy isn't the norm

Jason Stacks pled guilty in federal court Jason Stacks pled guilty in federal court
Lt. Stryde Jones Lt. Stryde Jones

A former Lowndes County Sheriff's Deputy is now awaiting sentencing in federal court on conspiracy charges. Jason Stacks pled guilty in federal court last week. The sheriff's office is stressing that this behavior is not representative of the sheriff's office, and is hoping the public will continue to have faith in them.

  As Lowndes County sheriff's deputies head out to patrol the roads, they're hopeful that the sheriff's office's reputation has not been tarnished now that  a former deputy has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges and is awaiting sentencing.  

"We strive every day to impress upon the public that we're here to help," said Lt. Stryde Jones of the Lowndes Co. Sheriff's Office. "We're the good guys, not the bad guys, and, we strive to impress that on the public every day. This probably provided us a setback in that effort, but we work hard every day to overcome that and we will continue to work hard."  

Stacks was arrested, along with two co-conspirators not associated with the sheriff's office, in August of last year for using his position as a deputy to extort money from Hispanic drivers by unlawfully stopping them and threatening to arrest or deport them if they didn't pay a fine.  

In one case, Stacks and one of the co-conspirators are even accused of driving a Hispanic man to the man's house after the man refused to pay a fine and stealing $300 from the man.  

"Most everybody was shocked when we first learned about this and learned what the outcome was. But again, we, as law enforcement, are sworn to uphold the law. And once we found out Mr. Stacks was violating the law, we moved quickly to make sure that he was not in a position to do that again,"  Jones said.

The sheriff's office launched an internal investigation after learning about Stacks possible illegal activity and Stacks was immediately placed on administrative leave. The FBI was called in to assist in the investigation and Stacks was arrested about a week after the initial investigation began.  

Stacks is currently out on bond. A sentencing date has not been set yet.



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