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West Whitney murder shocks, angers neighborhood

Tiffany Holley Tiffany Holley
Kendrae Holley Kendrae Holley

 People in a South Albany neighborhood are on edge after a man was shot to death outside his home. Albany Police continue to search for the gunman and people in the community appear to be doing all they can to help Investigators.   

Police say 23 year old Jeffrey Nunley was shot about 9:15 Monday night outside his home on West Whitney Avenue, and his friends and neighbors were shocked by his death.

Detectives talked to neighbors at West Whitney Avenue, and others in the community walked  up to them, to volunteer information.   Nunley was well known and liked.

Kendrae Holley said, "I would like to know who killed my best friend, man."

About 9:15 Nunley was shot in the alley behind his home, and staggered to his front door where he collapsed. Prosecutors say an eyewitness saw the gunman jump into a silver car and drive away.

Friends say Nunley and his family lived in the West Whitney home for years.  Holley and Nunley have been friends since 2nd grade at Magnolia Elementary School. "He was a real good person.  I mean he didn't really hurt nobody.  Didn't want to start no beef with nobody. I just don't know how it could happen to him," Holley said.

  Nunley was known for walking his dog in this neighborhood, and playing basketball at the school off Highland Avenue.   "He friendly with everyone in the neighborhood.  Everybody around here know him.  So that's why I just don't understand how they could just shoot him in the yard like that," Tiffany Holley said.

The District Attorney says that cooperation from angry folks in the neighborhood will help them find the killer.

 "He was well liked in the neighborhood.  Apparently the family had been living there for many, many years.  We need that support from the neighbors to help us solve the situation," District Attorney Greg Edwards said.

Neighbors and friends tell us that Nunley had a small daughter. She and her mother are living in Florida, and Nunley was saving money to join them; plans ended by his murder.  

We met with members of Nunley's family,but they did not want to talk with us.



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