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Injured racer hopes to come home

This is how the car looked after the wreck This is how the car looked after the wreck
Larry Wilson Jr. Larry Wilson Jr.

An Albany drag racer hopes to get out of the hospital Wednesday after a harrowing weekend crash.     

The man he was racing when the accident happened Saturday at the U.S. 19 Dragway was his own son. Larry Wilson Senior was racing here Saturday night, completing a race when his car when out of control.    

Cell phone video shows Frank Wilson Senior starting a race Saturday night, with his son in the lane next to him.  Just after he crossed the finish line, he was in a spectacular wreck.    

"His car flipped several times. I don't know how many times it flipped. I was in the car, so I got out and went to where he was, trying to help him," said Larry Wilson Jr.    

Wilson Jr. says the safety features in the car saved his dad's life. "The cage was there. It didn't break. It hurt the car. It totaled the car, but it kept my dad safe," said Wilson.        

Wilson says his dad was going over 100 miles an hour, which is nothing out of the ordinary for drag racing.   "That's normal. My car goes 130 miles per hour," said Wilson.      

Drag racing is a family affair for the Wilson's, racing under the name "Wilson Racing." Larry Wilson Jr., says U.S 19 is a familiar track.       "This is our home track. U.S. 19 Dragway, We go to other tracks but nothing like home."    

Three days later, Larry Wilson Senior is still in the hospital recovering from a bruised lung and injured neck.    

"Hope to get him home in the next day or so, but he's doing good," said Wilson.    

As soon as his dad recover, the Wilsons plan to get back on the track.  Larry Wilson also builds racing transmissions for other drag racers.


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