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Bainbridge man sentenced to life without parole

The Davis family packed the courtroom The Davis family packed the courtroom
Ms. Davis Ms. Davis
Joe Mulholland Joe Mulholland

Michael Davis, 39, was convicted and sentenced to life without parole Tuesday morning for the murder of his non-biological grandmother.  Davis was also charged with necrophilia, after  Bainbridge Public Safety officials say he killed 63-year-old Rea Parks inside her home on Green Street last year.       

Rea Parks was brutally attacked in her home last year by a man she raised as one of her own.  Loved ones of Rea Parks let out loud cries of closure after hearing that the man responsible for brutally murdering, and then sexually assaulting their family member, would spend the rest of his life in prison without parole.  

"He got life and we feel that justice has been served because he will die in prison," said Yolanda Williams, the victim's granddaughter.  

Michael Davis received his life sentence after he plead guilty to felony murder, necrophilia and burglary.  Parks' family says what hurts most is that they treated Davis like he was apart of the family  

Family members say Rea opened her home and her heart to Davis, and he repaid her by taking her life. "He didn't have to do what he did, because she cared for him too, she treated him just like he was one of her grandchildren," said Barbara Jackson, daughter of the victim.  

Davis lived with Parks until she kicked him out of her home last September because of drugs.

District Attorney Joe Mulholland says soon after that Davis killed Parks.  Something the D.A. says Davis has never tried to deny.  "They started talking to him and he's like 'yes I murdered her,' then they get the DNA from the blood on his pants, it matched her blood, they find the brick, and he says he'd killed her with a brick," said Mulholland.  

Mulholland promised the family that as long as he's the district attorney, Davis will not be released, but the family says while they finally have closure, they haven't quite found it in their hearts to forgive the man that took away the woman that never hesitated to help anyone.  

"We got hatred in our hearts. I can't make myself hate him, but I've got hatred in my heart and I know it's wrong but that was my mother," said Jackson. 

Davis is back in the Decatur County Jail awaiting his transfer to the state prison system.


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