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Marine throws first pitch at son's baseball game

Michael Wetegrove and his wife, Brandi Michael Wetegrove and his wife, Brandi

An Albany Marine returned home from an overseas deployment just in time to see his young son's final baseball game of the season tonight and he also got quite an honor.  

Chief Warrant Officer Michael Wetegrove throws out the first pitch to his favorite all-star, his five-year-old son, Mason. It's the first game he's seen his son play since he left for Kuwait 8 long months ago.  

"I missed the whole season, so I've missed every game. So being here for the last game has been really good. We were fortunate to get back a day early which allowed me to get over here and see the game," said Michael Wetegrove.  

Wetegrove's son is a third baseman for the Albany Dixie League Braves. His teammates and the opposing team greeted Wetegrove with "Welcome Home" and "Thank You" signs around the field.  

"It's great, it feels great. Still got guys out there, so still thinking about them everyday," said Wetegrove.  

Wetegrove has been deployed four times since 2003. He served our country twice in Iraq as well as Afghanistan and Kuwait. The father of three says it's hard leaving his wife behind to take care of the household alone.  

"We get our orders and we deploy, but the ones who have it hard are the ones we leave behind out here our families, our wives who sit here and take care of the kids and play the role of mother and father while we're gone," said Wetegrove.  

Wetegrove's wife and children say the time apart was difficult.  

"This is the first one we've had to do without going back home to Houston, Texas. So it's been rough for us to adjust to doing it by ourselves," said Brandi Wetegrove.  

Wetegrove says he plans on being at home for a while with his family and watching his son play more baseball games in the future.

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