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WALB CrimeSTOPPERS Street Sweep: Where we are now


South Georgians took a stand and helped law enforcers clean criminals out of their communities Monday evening.

Law enforcers say CRIMESTOPPERS Street Sweep was another success, tracking down at least 4 of the top 25 Most Wanted Fugitives in Southwest Georgia.

No. 8 on the Top 25 most wanted fugitive list, Michael Brandon Parr, was arrested in Lee County during the Street Sweep broadcast.

A tip called into WALB's newsroom led law enforcement to Parr, who was wanted on charges of possession of cocaine and use of a drug-related object by the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

CrimeSTOPPERS Street Sweep generated tips and information on 20 of the 25 wanted fugitives.

"I thought it made a big difference," said Sylvester Police Department Sgt. Kenneth Washington. "This is something we've been needing for a long time."

Law enforcement warrant teams spread out across Albany, Dougherty, Worth, and Lee Counties Monday afternoon, knocking on doors and checking out tips being called in.

CrimeSTOPPERS Street Sweep received dozens of tips from viewers concerned about criminals living on their streets.

"It is absolutely imperative that our citizens get involved with our crime fighting efforts," said Albany Police Department Chief John Proctor.

Law enforcement also learned that three of the top 25 most wanted were already in jail in other jurisdictions.

No. 1 on the top 25 list, Dontravis Byrd, wanted for aggravated assault and street gang terrorism, was in the Dougherty County Jail.

No. 9 Kevin Hooks, wanted for felony obstruction of law enforcement in Dougherty County, was in the Worth County Jail.

No. 20 Joshua Bigham, wanted in Lee County for burglary, was behind bars in Coffee County.

Officials say instances of not knowing someone was already in custody reinforces the greater need for agencies to work together to stop crime.

"Criminals don't understand there is a county boundary between everywhere that they go commit those crimes," said Worth County Sheriff's Office Deputy Andy Hamilton.

CrimeSTOPPERS volunteers took down the information from all the calls received at the WALB News 10 newsroom, and all that information will go to law enforcement.

Investigators will go over those tips and follow up on them in the coming days, hoping to sweep more wanted fugitives off South Georgia streets.

If you have information about any of our top 25 most wanted, CrimeSTOPPERS will still take those tips. And if they lead to an arrest you will still earn a reward. Anyone with information is urged to call 436-TIPS.

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