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Animal control limited to calls because of distemper

Nicholas Streeter Nicholas Streeter

The Albany Animal Control Unit will only respond to limited emergency calls for the next couple of weeks as the humane society remains closed because of a distemper outbreak.

Animal Control can't take any animals to the humane society shelter. They will continue to remove vicious animals that pose a danger.

The Albany Humane Society remains under quarantine for at least two more weeks after one confirmed case of the highly-contagious and potentially deadly distemper virus.

"We do assist with injured animals. And we can still take them to the vet, that's just normal protocol. So the humane society being under quarantine, it won't stop that type of calls," said Animal Control Officer Nicholas Streeter.

The shelter has 92 dogs. While others have shown symptoms, they are getting better. Shelter officials say they do plan to test every animal for distemper.

Workers are moving all of the animals into one building, then sanitizing the other so they'll have one that's not under quarantine.

They hope to have that finished by the end of the week.


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