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Heavy rainfall weakens trees


The rain may be gone but trees are still falling due to the wet ground. What can you do to prevent tumbling trees from causing damage to your home?

Piece by piece, crews work to remove two trees that threaten nearby homes after storms swept through South Georgia last week.    

A resident noticed a tree leaning toward their home on their neighbor's property, so they took action. A move that Mike Wilson with American Tree Services says could have saved their home or lots of money in damages.  

"You'd be surprised how many people never look up just observe your neighbors trees, if you see one leaning toward your property, advise them before it becomes a problem for both," said Wilson.  

Several trees have fallen since the heavy rains dumped in th

e area, saturating the grounds. And more trees could tumble within the next 30 to 45 days.   "If we get more rain, we're going to have some serious issues because the ground is so full of water now," Wilson said.  

There are signs that trees could be threatening your home, like exposed roots on one side or a tilting tree. But Wilson says the best way to make sure is to call in an expert to assess your property.  

"We like our trees and we like to keep them but there are good trees and there are bad ones, so we need to be able to tell the difference."  

And like the home owners here, not only keep an eye on your yard, but also your neighbors.  


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