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Pond pumping slows


As we start to dry out from an awfully soggy week, Albany Public Works officials say the threat of holding ponds overflowing is diminishing.     

Officials are still running a pump at Shannon Road during the day, but they'll turn it off at night.  

They're drawing down the full Shannon Holding pond and pumping the water to another drainage system.      

Officials say they have the ponds under control but ask homeowners to stay vigilant.  

"You still got a high water table, and actually we still got a lot of problems with water near people's houses, relative to the high water table.  Even if you've got no problems with the ponds you still need to keep an eye out on the water around your house," said Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson.       

Roberson said they will continue to run some pumps at holding ponds next week during the day to lower their levels in case of more storms.


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