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VIRAL VIDEO: Teen's original, emotional song storms the Internet (and her voice!)

Could this girl be the next Adele? Millions of people are saying, yes.

A teen from Minnesota, Molly Kate Kestner, is winning fans and hearts across the world with an original song she posted on YouTube a few weeks ago. The high school senior has achieved Internet fame almost overnight through the heart wrenching song.

On April 20, Kestner posted a YouTube video of herself performing an original song titled, "His Daughter", while accompanying herself on the piano. 

The song tells the story of an abused young woman facing a crisis of faith. "If there's a God out there," goes the chorus, "I'm lost and I'm scared/ I've got nowhere else to run."

She also posted the video to her Facebook wall writing, "This is probably my favorite song I've ever written. I wrote it a year ago but I never posted it because I wanted to save it for my senior solo, but now that's I am FINALLY sharing it with the world. It's called "His Daughter" and it is a story. So I hope you are inspired as I was when I wrote this. Happy Easter."

Days later, she was completely shocked by the number of views and shares she had already received. 

She posted this on Facebook 4 days after her song was posted:

"Hello beautiful faces!  
I still cannot express how completely shocked I am by all this. 4 days ago, I was just a normal senior girl who was procrastinating on her homework & posting a video from her phone onto Facebook instead. But God had bigger plans for my music. I'm so sorry to everyone who has messaged me and I could respond, that is the worst part of this. Cuz if I could respond to all of you I would!! So this is a universal THANK YOU."

Her Internet fans are desperately trying to get her on the Ellen Degeneres Show to showcase her talent. 

Kestner wrote to her fans on Facebook telling them to go share "His Daughter" on the show's page. 

"It has been amazing to see how many people this song has already impacted, and I want it to reach as many people as possible," she writes. "If [I] had the opportunity to go on her show, that could possibly happen."

Kestner tells her fans, "For those who keep asking where to keep up with all my stuff, go follow my Facebook page or my YouTube Channel: mollykestnervidz. And my instagram and twitter names are both: molly_kate95."

As May 2, her YouTube video "His Daughter" has over 2 million views and over 160 thousand shares on Facebook.

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