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Surveillance video of Albany robbery shows gunmen


Albany Police continue the hunt for three armed robbers, who stuck up the H & K Food Mart Wednesday.

The surveillance video shows two men with masks and guns run into the store about 3:30 PM, while a third stands lookout at the door.

The gunmen wave their guns at the female clerk as they run around the counter.

The clerk cowers in fear and points to answer a gunman's question.

At one point the gunman pulls the clerk from behind the counter.

One of the gunmen's mask seems to fall during the robbery.

After a couple of minutes a truck drives up in front of the store prompting a third robber to alert the two other two.

The three then leave the store, taking nothing.

A male clerk was treated by paramedics outside the store but employees today said the clerk was okay.

Two suspects picked up by police yesterday have been released and have not been charged in this case.

Police are asking the community for help identifying these robbers, and you could earn a reward. Call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. 

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