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Lee homeowners flooded out

Joe Toole Drive is covered with water Joe Toole Drive is covered with water
Jennifer and Paul  Fabbri Jennifer and Paul Fabbri

A Lee County couple packs up and heads to stay with a friend after water closes the street they live on.     

While no homes on Joe Toole Drive have been flooded, many yards and the street are covered with water.      

A family who lives at the end of the cul-du-sac says they're packing up and shipping out before the water takes over their street.  

Walking through several inches of water is nothing new to the Fabbri family.    

"The frustration is it's done it before and they brought pumps out which was a huge help," said Jennifer Fabbri. 

Parts of Joe Toole Drive in Lee County are now covered in water, even reaching some homes in the neighborhood. Carrying luggage, the Fabbri's didn't want to drive their car in the water.

"We got out with it, but we didn't want to take a chance taking it in," said Paul Fabbri.  

They decided to leave while there was still a chance.  

"I thought it was supposed to rain today and possibly tomorrow, so our concern was if we didn't get out today, if it rose, we would all be stranded on that side of the water," said Jennifer Fabbri. 

They say the water has been steadily rising since the rain started days ago.    

"It's been about 4 or 5 inches on the road and it's about a good 10 or 11 inches in the middle of the high point," said Paul Fabbri.  

"It occurs apparently in this area every five years, we have an access amount of rain," said Rob Rabun.    

Lee county officials say there's nothing they can do, and the residents will just have to wait until the water recedes.  

"It looks really bad, It's a visual lake there, but there is no where to pump the water," said Ron Rabun, Lee County Manager.

Jennifer Fabbri says the pumps worked for flooding issues previously.  

"They ran for a week straight, but we could come and go," said Jennifer.  

And they hope to be able to go back home soon.

Lee County Public Works has sandbags available to those who need them.

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