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Phoebe newborns get a "HALO"


Babies born at Phoebe will now be swaddled in HALO sleep sacks while in the hospital.

The American Academy of Pediatrics started the sleep safe initiative in order to educate new parents about the possible dangers and proper sleep habits.

Nurses at Phoebe say the safest way for babies to sleep is in their own crib, on their back without any stuffed animals, bumpers or loose blankets.

HALO sleep sack was started after the tragic loss of the founders first born to SIDS.          

"It helps reduce the incidents of strangulation and suffocation. Babies, when they are newborns, may not move around a whole lot, but as they grow they tend to start moving their arms, and they can wrangle out of those blankets," said Jamila Cruz

The sleep sacks come in different sizes in wraps to swaddle with their arms in or out. The hospital will be using the sleep sacks with the arms out. Cruz says "We thought it would be easier with just the arms out. Babies don't really need to be swaddled cuz a lot of times it'll cause hip dysplasia and they're moving their arms around. It is actually good for them it helps regulate their temperature and gives them something to suck on, but if parents do want the swaddle they can."

To find out more about the HALO sleep sack and other safe sleep practices go to you can also find them on youtube/halosleepsack

said RN Jamila Cruz.



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