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Floods affect work of plumbing companies

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Director of AAA concrete, Robert Garcia Director of AAA concrete, Robert Garcia

We have had rain pour in over the last few days, creating issues for some businesses, including those at Roto Rooter Plumbing, several areas have been flooded, forcing crews to sit it out

This weather is hurting their business, employees and customers. It's a huge financial issue and they're ready for all this to be over.

It could take up to a 7 days before any real work can be done. Roto Rooter Plumbing and Drain Services says many of their customers have contacted them for assistance with their septic tanks. They are completely backed up and need to be pumped out.

Robert Garcia, Director of AAA concrete, a branch of the company, says he wants to help but is restricted since the tanks are surrounded by high standing water. If he were to try to pump it out there is no where for the water to go, resulting in even more problems, like raw sewage in their yard, toilets incapable of flushing and not being able to shower.

"We can't hardly get any dry days in, just regular plumbing, installing new drain lines, stuff like that, its just too wet," Garcia said. "It's detrimental to our business and anybody in our business, any contractors now, its terrible."

He says right now it's just a waiting game that is hurting his customer flow and his employees on both sides, plumbers and contractors. He can't get his AAA concrete crews out because there is no dry dirt, Garcia says they aim to catch work in between wet weather.

And we won't see a relief until the weekend, giving Garcia and his team at least some time to get things ready to go back to work on Monday.


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