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Some farmers still waiting on rain to plant

Kraig Jenkins, Farmer Kraig Jenkins, Farmer

Planting season is turning to waiting season for south Georgia farmers.

Wet weather is keeping them from getting crops in the ground, and some crops that did get planted are now drowning.

Pools of water sit on Kraig Jenkins' farm.

Like most farmers, He's ready to get back in the fields.

"I got some tomatoes to set out, but I can't get out there to do it," said Jenkins

He can't tend to his crops because of mother nature, and says things are getting serious.

"It's getting late in planting," notes Jenkins. "Things should have been up at this time.

Recent heavy rains are putting a strain on his vegetable crops.

"The rain need to come after the seeds has been planted, maybe about 2 weeks after they come up," recalls Jenkins.

He has 6 acres of fields with corn, okra, peas and squash. But when rain falls after planting, it packs the soil. That means standing water which will keep seeds from sprouting.

"They die and they don't come up," said Jenkins. "You have go out there an redo it all over again. I have done it several times this year already."

For now, his farm equipment sits idle. Jenkins says he hasn't been in the field all week and he waits patiently for the storms to stop and the water to recede.

Jenkins thinks it'll be another two weeks before all the water is gone and he'll able to work again. That's assuming we don't get another pesky storm system.

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