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'Smashing' burglary suspect in jail


A determined and destructive burglar is finally behind bars.  Police say he used stolen vehicles-- twice-- to ram his way into a small town grocery store.    

Investigators say the guy seen in surveillance cameras walking up to Johnson's Grocery in Dixie Monday morning is Morris Johnson, Junior.  And they say it's not his first after hours visit. 

This time, he gets out of a stolen truck and tries to cover surveillance cameras with a long pipe, but the crime ends before it really gets started.  

"The convenience store owner actually seen him on video while he was breaking into his store, he notified Brooks county authorities and authorities arrived while he was still there," said Lt. Wade Glover.  

That's when the chase began, Johnson drove the stolen tree service truck a few miles before ditching it.   "He jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot, and that started a manhunt that lasted until lunch time, we had units from GSP and helicopters from GSP," said Brooks County sheriff Mike Dewey.

After he got caught, Johnson admitted that he was the same person that tried to break into the store a few weeks ago.  Investigators say on two different nights, he stole trucks from the Thomasville city shop and used them to try to rip the doors off the store. 

When that didn't work the first time, he went across the street, stole a tractor, and rammed his way in.  Investigators discovered Johnson had ties to the city shop.  

"I can tell you that he was a temporary employee with the city at one time, and that's how he knew how to get the vehicles, and how the city shop worked and all that," said Glover. 

Johnson is also charged with several other crimes, including stealing a car right of the lot.   "He is being charged with about 15 felonies, He was going to keep it up until like you say he got caught, he was on parole for burglaries in the past, this is a life-long thing for him,"  said Dewey. 

Thomas and Brooks county officials are glad that they were finally able to put a stop to this destructive crook.


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