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Rain causing clogged storm drains in Valdosta

Curtis Wade Curtis Wade

All the recent rain has kept crews in Valdosta busy trying to unclog storm drains.
City crews have been out all day responding to reports of clogs. During heavy or prolonged rain events, leaves, branches, and even trash get washed into the storm drains. This prevents the water from draining into the pipes properly and could cause water to back up on the streets.
"It been backin' up. You know, you got debris fallin', leaves, limbs," Curtis Wade, Valdosta Stormwater Operator, explained. "Anything get sideways inside the mouth of the pipe, it will catch the debris goin' through."

Valdosta's stormwater crews care responsible for cleaning, maintaining, and repairing the city's stormwater infrastructure, including 6,000 catch basins and over 950,000 feet of stormwater pipes.

To report a clogged storm drain, Valdosta residents can call 229-333-1832.

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