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Lee officials issue road, tree warning

New York Road in Lee County New York Road in Lee County
A tree blocks the road on New York Road A tree blocks the road on New York Road
Cecil Gamble could not believe his eyes! Cecil Gamble could not believe his eyes!

Lee County Public Works officials are warning residents to be on the look out for flooded roads and falling trees.    

Crews were busy all day,  but more rain and wind could pose more threats.  A large tree which came crashing down on New York Road is one of more than 20 that had to be moved out of the way for drivers in Lee County.    

The winds have died down and crews are hoping they stay that way. "We're having a concern is that some could fall in the middle of the night and we're not going to see it," said Mike Sistrunk of Public Works.     

Heavy rain not only saturated tree roots, but also forced crews to set up three pumps in the county to keep roads clear of excess water. "Anywhere where we got areas that we can shift water that's our big thing is that we shift water from one place to another place to try to give time for it to seep out. And nature's just not being nice to us right now," said Sistrunk.    

Cecil Gamble could not believe his eyes when he saw a massive tree that came crashing down in his driveway, and onto his Ford pickup truck, gold fish pond and power box.

Gamble, who lives on Graves Springs Road, was working in his shop this afternoon when he heard a big gust of wind. Then his neighbor called to tell him that a tree had fallen, just missing his house.

"I heard a crackling, but I didn't think anything about it. Living out here in the woods, I just figured it was that had fallen down in the woods. So like I said, I just went back to messing around in my shop and that's when my neighbor called me."

Just last week Gamble scoped out areas on his property where he could park his truck to avoid being hit by a tree in case one fell.

 Gamble has lived in his house since 1979. He's been through the flood of 1994, but has never experienced anything like this.

And crews will most likely add a fourth pump along New York Road, near Milledge Road. Water is creeping up along both sides, but it hasn't covered the road, yet.

"The concern is over there is we really have no where to pump this water to. And any ditch that we put it in, we're just overflowing another ditch. So we're hoping we can just get a little break in the water. It does drain, just takes a little while."     

Officials are asking folks to remain alert and cautious on both paved and dirt roads as weather could pose a threat throughout the next couple of days.

Sistrunk thanks the Lee County Sheriff's deputies for helping them cut down trees Wednesday. Sistrunk says if you come across any problems, call the Lee County Sheriff's Office and they'll dispatch a crew out to you as soon as they can.


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