Viewpoint: Sign Ordinance

The City of Albany's sign task force recently recommended a ban on attention grabbing signs in the right of way, to promote safety behind the wheel.

Flashing billboards would be prohibited, and wavers would be banned from sidewalks and street corners.

"They want to be where they're visible of course, but sometimes that's a little too close to the street. And when they're out there with signs, spinning signs, waiving flags right on the street, it's very distracting. We need to balance the ability of a business to advertise for themselves versus them being a nuisance or being in someone's way, or being a danger," said Paul Forgey, Director of Planning & Development.

Wavers would instead dance on their company's property, away from the roads.

The sign task force has the difficult task of being business friendly, allowing sometimes unique forms of advertising, but keeping in mind the public's safety.

We feel this is absolutely the right call, and should be passed by the planning commission in May.

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