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Downed trees block roads in multiple counties

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One of the main dangers trees crashing down from a combination of strong winds and saturated ground.

A downed tree is a common sight Tuesday because of strong winds that blew in this morning and stayed around much of the afternoon.

Strong wind caused several trees to fall over roads and block traffic. For trees fell this morning on Highway 118 in Smithville.

About 20 minutes down the road in Terrell County, it was more of the same.

"The phones started ringing and the power went out trees started falling. So for the last three hours, that's all we been doing is cleaning roads," said Sheriff John Bowens.

Sheriff Bowens says things started happening so fast, he had to call in more help.

"I had to call every available deputy that was off that I had. The trees were falling so fast and the road was being blocked," said Sheriff Bowens.

Workers were on the scene working to clear this road of debris after a tree came tumbling down.

The Department of Transportation says this tree blocked traffic for 2 hours along Highway 45 in Terrell County.

No one was hurt by any of the fallen trees.

Georgia Power crews were also out working to restore power in Lee and Terrell counties.

"We saw some pretty strong winds that came through. We had some issues with trees and limbs that have gotten on the lines and several broke poles around the area," said Jay Smith.

This afternoon, several customers in Bronwood and Arlington were without power. Power should be back on for those customers by 9 p.m.

Cooper Primary school in Dawson was also without power most of the day.

More Georgia Power crew members from Tifton and Valdosta came to help the crews here in Albany.

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