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Be aware of rain, wind

Insurance agent Sam Shugart Insurance agent Sam Shugart
Howard Craven Howard Craven

Not only do we have the threat of wind damage but much of the area is under either a flash flood or areal flood watch.     

One Muckalee Creek homeowner tells us he's thankful he has flood insurance, just in case.      

Howard Craven and his wife have lived along Muckalee Creek for about four years, and when it rains a lot they do tend to worry.  

"Anytime, you know, living here on the creek, we are concerned with it," said Craven.  Craven says previous owners have seen the water rise really high, especially during the flood of 1994. 

"The line on the tree where the moss was killed during the 1994 flood, so that was the water level and that put it at about  five foot of the living room," said Craven.  

But it gives him peace of mind knowing he has flood insurance.   "We want to spend the rest of our lives here and it could all be taken away over night so we have to have insurance, we couldn't sleep without it," said Craven.  

Area insurance agents want to remind people that standard homeowners insurance doesn't cover flooding, only damage from high winds and tornadoes, and with the recent heavy rains, it could come in handy.    

"A lot of people don't know that the parallel of flooding is not covered under your standard homeowners policy so if your house is in a flood zone or could be flooded you need to purchase a separate policy," said  Insurance agent Sam Shugart.     

Also if you do find your home is damaged, it's important to cover any openings with tarps.     "If you have a loss, whether its covered or not, once you report the claim, its your responsibility as a prudent person, as a insured, to minimize the loss, if you get a tree through your roof you should tarp it," said  Insurance agent Sam Shugart.     

Also keep a list of valuables or take a video of your home with your cell phone.   Also keep any property that's been damaged to help adjusters get a proper estimate.


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