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Using technology to engage students

3D glasses 3D glasses
media specialist Donita Hinckley media specialist Donita Hinckley
Teacher Meredith Crocker Teacher Meredith Crocker
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You've heard of 3D movies, but what about 3D lessons? Students in Thomasville city schools are using cutting edge learning equipment to make everyday lessons more engaging.       

 They look like the type of glasses used to watch 3d movies, but these glasses are the newest tools that teachers are using to help students learn.   "The students put them on as well as the teacher, that way we're all engaged," said Teacher Meredith Crocker. "I've had students tell me it's like they're really in a 3d movie and that it really helped them learn."   

Sixth grade teacher Meredith Crocker says she had only planned to use the "3D machine" for one day, but it was such a hit in the classroom, she decided to keep using it for her lessons.  

"I had so many students requesting are we going to do the 3D machine again so the second day I was like 'okay let's do the 3D machine.'"  

The 3D machine, as students refer to it, is part of Thomasville city schools' plan to make learning more engaging for students It's as simple as clicking this button, putting the glasses on your face, and students are able to step into a whole new world.

And media specialist Donita Hinckley says the school district is constantly looking for ways to draw students in.    "We are really trying to push technology in our school system, we know that is the way students learn now, students are visual learns so usually seeing the planets rotate will make an impact on them."  

 Crocker says teaching students is key, but for her and any teacher it's always about figuring out how to keep them interested in the lesson   "If you can figure out what engages your students it's golden."  

With that mindset, the district plans to continue working to find ways to get students fired up about learning.


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