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Special Report: GA man knows the miracle of life

Glenn Harris Glenn Harris
Glenn as a baby Glenn as a baby
A newspaper article from the time A newspaper article from the time
C. J. Powell (right) and his son, Chet C. J. Powell (right) and his son, Chet
Harris and Powell walk along the lake Harris and Powell walk along the lake

Perhaps you saw the facebook post about a South Georgia man whose life's been saved twice, and it's been shared hundreds of times.    Now you get to meet him.

Glenn Harris spends his part of his time playing checkers with his family.  40 years ago, Harris nearly drowned at Reed Bingham State Park.  

"I remember I went in and helped someone out," he said.

 When Harris was just 17, he jumped in the lake to save a drowning girl.  "She was struggling, trying to get out."   He saved her, but then he nearly drowned.    

Chet Powell, then a high school senior, watched as his father, park ranger C. J. Powell, worked to resuscitate Harris.   "He was not breathing, and his heart was not beating."  

Harris survived, but spent two months in a coma and was left with some brain damage. He was also left with a lifetime friend in C. J. Powell.        

"Me and CJ, we were pretty close," he said.

Fast forward 25 years, to 2005. A lost and freezing Glenn Harris was saved again, this time by the son of the man who saved his life in 1974.    

" I don't know where I was headed. Just walking," says Harris.  

Harris had wandered away from his home in Tifton.   Chet Powell, by then a park ranger himself, drove up on Harris.  

"I came across this man who was disoriented."

  Harris had wandered 30 miles from his home and into Chet Powell's neighborhood.      

"To end up here with me there is no explanation for it," says Powell.  

"Later when we finally got him warmed up, and he was able to speak and I got a name from him."   Harris was sleeping in this abandoned house near the park.

Ever since that moment, Harris believes God put the Powell in his life for a reason.    "I believe so, I believe so."  

 Harris lives with his sister, Carolyn.   "It's taught me that life is very precious."  

While Powell and his father were heroes, the younger Powell insists that Glenn Harris is the real hero.    

"He jumped in to save another girl, so he's a hero," says Powell.      

"Well, not really, just an everyday thing for me,"   Harris said.

 But no matter who saved whom, two families are bonded by a higher power, and two heroes reunited.

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