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Sylvester native survives deadly tornado in Arkansas


Sixteen people are dead after tornadoes swept through several towns in Arkansas Sunday night.

Hilda Hill Fraize, a Sylvester native, lives in Vilonia, Arkansas, where there is widespread devastation.

"I believe they are still looking for survivors and in one neighborhood, we were told, 52 houses that are all gone," said Fraize.

Sadly not all of the families in Vilonia were spared by the destructive tornado.

"Some of their friends have lost everything, you know, we will be helping them, with stuff and try to help the town," said Hilda Fraize.

For Fraize, the tornadoes brought back frightening memories.

Three years ago, an EF-2 tornado roared through Vilonia, Arkansas causing 22-thousand-dollars worth of damage to Hilda Fraize's daughters house.

After living through such a tragic event they knew installing a storm cellar was a high priority.

"We knew the storm was coming, so we got in the storm cellar when the sirens started going off. We had about twelve people down there," said Vilonia resident Hilda Fraize.

Fraize said it was a different feeling being in a storm shelter this time, but she is thankful they survived the storm.

"When you come out you don't know what you are going to see when you come out of there, but we were very fortunate like I said and their other house was okay and ours was too," said Fraize.

During catastrophic times, like this tornado outbreak, Fraize says the number one way to help is through prayer, but it is hard to be thankful of their story when others are left with nothing.

"You're happy that yours is okay, but you're sad for everyone else," said Fraize.


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