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Boys & Girls Club takes stand against underage drinking


15-year-old Camryan McGregor and her friends are taking a stand against underage drinking.

"You see a lot of teens my age and younger you see them and their parents might have parties or something and they say my parents let me drink limearitas or red bellini  and your like wow," says Camryan McGregor.

McGregor hopes this sticker shock campaign will help get the word out that given teens alcohol is wrong and illegal.

"There's children all the time, teens all the time that go and have parties and drink alcohol and next thing you know there's some kind of accident and their dead and your wondering why," says McGregor.

The Boys and Girls Club partnered with retailers who sell alcohol, and the police for their sticker shock campaign to remind adult that giving alcohol to minors is illegal.

"Its designed to let them know that they can receive a fine of up to 1000 dollars or 12 months in jail," says Ondrea Davis, CFO for the Boys and Girls Club.

They plan to put these stickers out before major events like prom and graduation where alcohol is typically sold more, hoping to keep it out of the hands of underage drinkers.

"Kids as early as nine years old start drinking alcohol and they get it from adults so it is a problem and what we are trying  to do it combat this problem so they know how serious it is," says Davis.

"As long as we are out there communicating and tossing those stickers on there and educating the community hopefully we can reduce the chances of any teen having underage drinking involvement," says board member Elenor Pearson.

So far,they posted stickers in about half a dozen stores throughout Camilla.

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