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Dougherty Co. leaders to make cuts for new textbooks


Dougherty County students are getting some new textbooks, but that means spending cuts will have to be made somewhere else.  

Money for the new books that include digital versions wasn't yet in the budget, but board members decided today they need to go on an order the material right away.      

Dougherty County school board members eventually unanimously approved the order for new English language arts textbooks for every child in the system.  

"It's important to remember, we haven't ordered new English Language textbooks in 12 to 14 years. We've been constantly replacing those. And the textbooks we have now will no longer be able to be replaced," said Robert Youngblood, DCSS Board Member.

The comprehensive package includes a textbook and online curriculum for K through 12 students.     "In today's economy in order for textbook companies to compete they have to provide digital resources in addition to a traditional print book," said Cassandra Sampson/ DCSS Secondary Language Arts Coordinator.

Before board members voted, Reverend James Bush made a substitute motion to have the financial director review the request, which will cost the system more  than $1.2 million.   "All I was asking was for the finance director and his staff to ensure that we have the money for all of these things before we vote upon them," said Rev. James Bush, DCSS Board Member.  

 Ultimately board members decided to move forward and make sacrifices elsewhere. "I think the discussion was necessary. And in the end, the board made a decision to make hard decisions and the best choices for the children in Dougherty County," said Sampson.

"Bottom line, if we don't have textbooks in our schools our children don't learn. They've got to have textbooks.  So whatever we've got to do to find the money, we'll have to do," said Carol Tharin, DCSS Board Chair.  

Students will have access to the new tools this coming school year. One of the reasons board members didn't want to delay today's vote was because these textbooks have to be ordered within the next week so teachers have time to review them this summer and see how it will work into their lesson plans.


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