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Messages from earth

David Griffin David Griffin
Joh Lin's Messages From Earth Joh Lin's Messages From Earth

An exhibit at the Albany Museum of Art shows the damage oil spills have done to our environment. The exhibit from artist Jon Lin is called "Messages From Earth." He built these oil drums and threw them on the pottery wheel to shape them. Animals impacted by oil spills are shown inside the barrels. One of the many fun facts you can learn from this pottery made with copper is why your penny sometimes turns green.

David Griffin with the museum says "For example what you can do with rust when you put it in an oven and cook it at 1000 degrees what you can do with copper powder that changes into these beautiful reds and greens"

The albany art museum will have a 6 week fun filled hands on summer camp starting in June. For more information go to their website or give them a call.

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