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Trash is transformed into art


 An Albany woman turns items most of us toss in the trash into works of art. We thought Earth Day was the perfect time to show you her unique way of recycling, sure to make you smile.

Christine Bazemore is a retired real estate developer looking for something fun to do. She doesn't consider herself an artist but you might. And it all started with a rock.

"We were buying so many rocks my husband said is there anything else you want to do," she said.  

So Christine started picking up what people throw away.   "I've been known to look in the dumpster before," she said with a laugh.     "All you have to do is find a piece of plywood clean it up and have fun with it."  

If you find yourself at a charity auction you may find some of Christine's works of art to bid on. "It makes you feel so good to be able to help the community for me and put a little less in the dump."  

Christine finds her window panes at habitat for humanity, someone remodeling a home, and she always has an eye out when she is driving around.  

"You can put a little flower box it and attach it to the wall, put it on the lawn you can water it, because its not gonna come off isn't that cool? Put ya some hooks on it, kids can put their hats on it, or when they come in from school, put their back packs on it."  

It can also be a great project to do with your kids. The enamel can be washed off until you decide on the right pattern and then once it sits for a while it's permanent.   "The little jelly jars people get them they throw them in the trash, I take them and paint flowers on em."  

She even has some of her friends bringing items home from the landfill.   "I'd clean it up give it back to em and they'd oh my gosh I was gonna throw that away."  

So remember if you are heading for the dumpster think twice about what your garbage can turn into.


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