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Students hold marijuana legalization debate

Dr. Marlene Ramsey, program director Dr. Marlene Ramsey, program director

Today, criminal justice students at ASU will have the chance to debate a hot topic that has been making headlines recently, marijuana legalization.

It has been a very popular discussion lately and the interest in it peaked when Colorado decided to make it accessible to their residents. But today, it's Albany State students that will have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Criminal Justice program director, Dr. Marlene Ramsey, is coordinating the event as part of their Criminal Justice week at ASU. She says their goal is to expose students to the realities as well as the issues the justice system faces on a daily basis as well as excite students about current events.

 It is the job of each debate team member to conduct research, gather statistics, and develop strong evidence to defend their position. Each team is provided with an advisor including guest Benita Childs, Captain of Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit.

Dr. Ramsey says the debate will be insightful as well as educational. It starts today from 9am to noon at Orene Hall on ASU's campus

As far as the state of Georgia, we are moving forward. Last month there was a bill passed in the house to legalize limited use of medicinal marijuana, it just now has to be presented to the full senate.


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