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Bainbridge works to make Downtown even better

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Executive Director Amanda Glover Executive Director Amanda Glover

 Things have been booming in Bainbridge lately and they've got a new master plan in place to continue the growth process.  

Couples are enjoying the scenery of Willis Park in the heart of downtown Bainbridge but plans are in action to bring even more people to the historic downtown area.  

"We just recently completed a downtown master plan, a new downtown logo was created and we've implemented it on and new banner and some brochures and that type of thing," said Executive Director Amanda Glover.      

And the improvements won't stop there. The original brick that once covered all of downtown will one day see the light of day again.

Plans to improve downtown buildings, plant more trees, incorporating more historical pictures and bringing more signage to the area are also in the works.

Banks Miller grew up in Bainbridge and says he's proud to have been born and raised in Bainbridge.  "I grew up two blocks that way and I live two blocks that way now," said Miller.  

Miller says the interest in preserving his hometown gives him something to smile about   "Awesome roots here, and the history is amazing, and it's really, really good to see our city coming together, and trying to put stuff together the way it should be."  

And with major events coming to town like the recent bass pro tournament, where visitors we're able to catch trolleys to check out the downtown area, and downtown business owners doing their part to showcase the city's artistic side, all points in the master plan appear well within reach.  

"We've had a lot of new businesses open up in the last few months, not necessarily because of the plan, but there's a real art community trying to build here," said Glover. 

As the growth continues in all directions, historic downtown Bainbridge is expected to flourish.


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