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Large tree falls on man's yard

Joey Swain, Homeowner Joey Swain, Homeowner
Kinsley Swain, Joey Swain's Daughter Kinsley Swain, Joey Swain's Daughter

Clean up is underway after Friday's storm and one Albany man is removing a large tree that fell in front of his home.  

A large oak tree is completely blocking Joey Swain's driveway off Old Dawson Road. It uprooted after Friday night's storm. Swain and his wife were at home when they suddenly heard a strange noise.    

"It was a very loud boom, of course we didn't know what it was. We just looked outside and then we noticed this big tree fell. First thing we did was run out and make sure none of it fell on the house," said Joey Swain.  

It's the third tree that's fallen near Swain's home in less than a month.  He says just a few weeks ago, two trees fell over in his back yard, damaging his fence. Swain had a tree surgeon come out this morning to measure the tree.  

"The tree surgeon this morning said it was approximately a little over three feet in diameter and over thirty yards long," said Swain.  

It was also a close call for Swain's 19-year-old daughter, Kinsley, who normally parks her car where the tree fell.  

"Yesterday I had parked there and I had left about 45 minutes ago and then my daddy called me and said a giant tree had fell in the yard. He sent me a picture of it and it didn't even look this big. I mean it's huge," said Kinsley Swain.  

"We just thank God that it didn't fall on the car or especially the house as well too, so even though it looks bad it could have been a whole lot worse," said Swain.  

Lots of debris and a large puddle of water cover Swain's yard. He says it could cost up to $700 to get the tree removed. Swain says he's waiting to speak with his insurance adjuster and hopes to get it removed as soon as possible.

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