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We need the rain to stop soon

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The main concern of this Good Friday storm system has been area flooding from the beginning. but the good news is we aren't seeing threatening water levels quite yet. And a lot of effort has gone into preparing for the constant rain.  

Unending rain has Dougherty County Public Works Crews working around the clock to ensure all their pumps are properly working because they are concerned that in torrential downpours properties along Nicholas drive can have their septic tanks flooded.  

"Water had risen up a little higher than it is now, but we've been proactive because we keep an eye on those low-lying areas. So we brought the pumps in and we reduced the levels of water," said Chucky Mathis of Dougherty County Public Works.  

Not all homes in Dougherty County have the help from the counties pumps and they are taking matters into their own hands.   "We're going to pump the water, if we gotta pump it across the state county highway that's what we are going to do. We are going to pump the water out as fast as it comes in. That's all we can do," said Misty Trent, homeowner.  

Trent said even though her husband and neighbor have been working feverishly to protect their home, they still don't feel safe.   "Not really, we are still worried to death because water is a powerful thing and when it gets rapidly flowing there is nothing yo can do," said Trent.  

The Georgia State Patrol is also assisting with monitoring the hazardous conditions.   "Because a lot of times when the roads are watery like this and flooding, a lot of trees begin to fall."    

A few weeks ago, we say this happen in Radium Springs, but so far no storm reports have been brought to our attention.

As you are traveling around town tonight, be alert for standing water on the roads.


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