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Albany prepares for possible flooding


There are some areas in Dougherty County still flooded from heavy rain over the last week and a half, and we've got more torrential rain on the way Friday.   Dougherty County Public Works continue to run their pump at station eleven along Nicholas Drive to lower standing water threatening nearby homes.

Assistant Director Chucky Mathis, says the main concern for this area is the standing water reaching septic tanks of these homes along Mckenzie Drive.  

"Our efforts here today and has been for the past couple of days is to lower this water level, get this water pumped out of here so it won't adversely affect the homes along McKenzie Drive," said Mathis.  

EMA Director Jim Vaught says that the city and county public works crews do an outstanding job working together to keep everyone safe.   "They clean out the ditches, they clean out the sewer systems, they do a lot of preemptive strikes to make sure that people don't have water backup into their yards," said Vaught.  

Vaught is not concerned about any flooding from the Flint River, but he says standing water in low-lying areas could be a major problem.   "What we are really concerned about id because the soil is so saturated around individual property that it wouldn't take a whole lot of rain to have standing puddles or have some flash flooding," said Vaught.  

Mathis says each event is different and they learn something new every time.   "We are constantly tweaking our efforts and doing things to help us be better prepared for the next one," said Mathis.  

Mathis also said the county is monitoring several areas that still have standing and they are doing their best to get the water down to a safe level.


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